How to Setup a Signature in Webmail

A signature is a personalised text that appears at the end of your email messages. It can include your name, contact information, website, social media links, or any other information you want to share with your recipients. The following are the steps to set up a signature in webmail:

  1. Log in to webmail e.g.
  2. On the top menu bar, click More to expand the drop-down menu, then click Settings.
  3. On the left menu bar, click Signatures.
  4. Click New Signature.
  5. In the Name field (1), type in a name for your signature. This name will help you identify the signature later but will not be visible to your recipients.
  6. In the text box (2), type in the content of your signature. You can use the formatting toolbar to change the font, size, colour, and alignment or add links, images, or emojis to your signature.
  7. Click Save (3).
  8. The new signature will appear in the Signatures card. You can edit or delete the signature by clicking on it.
  9. If your Email Administrator enables the Mapped Field card, select the signature (1) you just created then click Save (2).

You have successfully set up a signature in webmail. The email signature will now automatically appear with each email you compose in webmail. Please note if you also use an email client or mobile device to send your emails, you will need to add your email signature in those applications separately.

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