How to Block an Email Address or Domain for All Email Users

Email administrators have the ability to block an entire domain or individual email address from delivering messages to all email users. This feature is useful in blocking identified habitual spammers and is achieved by setting up a content filtering rule.

  1. Log in to webmail e.g. with an administrator account.
  2. On the top menu bar, click More to expand the drop-down menu, then click Domain Settings.
  3. On the left menu bar, click Content Filtering (1); then click New (2) to create a new rule.
  4. Enter a descriptive Name (1) for the new content filtering rule you are setting up, e.g. Block spam sender –; then click New Condition (2).
  5. In the modal that pops up, select the From Address rule type.
  6. In the textbox (1), enter in the email address(es) you want to block; then click Save (2). If you wanted to block an entire domain, change the Field (3) option to From specific domains and enter in the corresponding domain(s) in the textbox (1).
  7. Click New Action
  8. Select the action Delete message (1); then click Save (2).
  9. Click Save at the top of the content pane, to save the content filtering rule.

Going forward, all emails sent from the specified email address(es) or domain(s) will not be delivered to your users’ mailboxes. These emails are not recoverable. Thus, be judicious in the email address(es) or domain(s) you block.

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